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6 Feb 2021

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Le raccolte di giochi per PS4 sono ora disponibili sul nostro sito web. Ad un prezzo di soli €4.72 per un mese.


Resident Evil Village
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Vivi un'esperienza survival horror senza precedenti nell'ottavo capitolo della serie principale di Resident Evil: Resident Evil Village.

14 Jan 2019 | Free | psngiochi.space

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For every 10 rented games, you will have a free game for rent of your choice.

18 Giu 2020 | 93.37 GB |

The Last of Us Part II
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Five years later…
After a deadly journey across post-pandemic USA, Ellie and Joel settle down in Wyoming.

1 Jan 2019 | All rights reserved |

Game Pass Subscription
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Game Pass Subscription is a subscription of our site, in the presence of which it is possible, without additional fees, use all our accounts from the section PS4 Games for Rent

12 Nov 2020 | 00.00 GB |

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
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Nuova avventura dell'universo di Marvel's Spider-Man.


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  • Demon’s Souls

    Demon’s Souls

  • The Last of Us Part II [Secondario]

    The Last of Us Part II [Secondario]

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice



  • Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition

    Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition

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